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Directions 2018 Boston/MA Team

Adam Wright

Senior Research Analyst, Internet of Things: Consumer

Adelaide O'Brien

Research Director, Government Digital Transformation Strategies

Al Gillen

Group Vice President, Software Development and Open Source

Alan S. Louie, Ph.D.

Research Director, Life Sciences

Alan Webber

Research Director, Digital Strategy & Customer Experience

Alison Close

Senior Analyst, Worldwide Finance, Accounting, and Procurement BPO Services

Ali Zaidi

Research Director, IT Consulting and Systems Integration Services

Alison Brooks, Ph.D.

Research Director, Smart Cities Strategies, Public Safety

Allison Correia

Senior Research Analyst, Imaging, Printing and Document Solutions

Amita Potnis

Research Manager

Amy Lind

Research Manager, Broadband, Enterprise Voice & IP Communications Services, and Unified Communications

Andrew Smith

Sr. Research Analyst, Storage Software

Anthony Scarsella

Research Manager, Mobile Phones

Ashish Nadkarni

Program Director, Computing Platforms

Benjamin McGrath

Senior Research Analyst, SaaS and Cloud Software

Bill Fearnley

Research Director - Worldwide Blockchain Strategies

Bill Keyworth

Vice President of Research, IT Operational Excellence

Robert Parker

Group Vice President

Brad Casemore

Research Director, Datacenter Networks

Brian E. Clarke

Group Vice President, Pricing Evaluation and Sourcing Advisory Services

Bryan Bassett

Research Analyst, Mobile Enterprise: Device Solutions

Carrie MacGillivray

Vice President, Internet of Things & Mobility

Carrie Solinger

Sr. Research Analyst, Cognitive Systems and Content Analytics Research

Chad Huston

Research Manager, Worldwide Services

Chandana Gopal

Research Manager, Business Analytics

Christina Richmond

Program Director, Worldwide Security Services

Curtis Price

Program Vice President, Infrastructure Services

Cushing Anderson

Program Vice President, Business Consulting and IT Education

Dan Vesset

Group Vice President, Analytics and Information Management

David Reinsel

Sr. Vice President, Mobility, Security, Consumer, Semiconductors, Telecom, Client Computing and Imaging/Print/Document Solutions

David Schubmehl

Research Director, Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence Systems

David Tapper

Program Vice President, Outsourcing and Managed Cloud Services

Deepak Mohan

Research Director, Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Denise Lund

Research Director

Eric Burgener

Research Director, Storage

Eric Newmark

Program Vice President, Cloud, SaaS and Industry Cloud

Eric Sheppard

Research Director, Enterprise Storage and Converged Infrastructure

Frank Gens

Senior Vice President & Chief Analyst

Gary Chen

Research Manager, Software-Defined Compute

Ghassan Abdo

Research VP, WW Telecom Cloud, & Virtualization Services

Greg Girard

Program Director, Worldwide Omni-Channel Retail Analytics Strategies

Heather Ashton

Research Manager, Service Innovation and Connected Products

Holly Muscolino

Research Vice President, Content Technologies and Document Workflow

Jason Cunliffe

Vice President, Thought Leadership and Sales Enablement Practices

Jeffrey Hojlo

Program Director, Product Innovation Strategies

Jennifer Cooke

Research Director

John Jackson

Research Vice President, Mobile & Connected Platforms

John Santagate

Research Director, Service Robots

John Villali

Research Director, Energy Insights

Jordan Jewell

Research Analyst, Digital Commerce and Enterprise Applications

Karen Massey

Senior Research Analyst, Consumer Banking

Karsten Weide

Program Vice President, Media & Entertainment

Kathleen Schaub

Program Vice President, CMO Advisory & Customer Experience

Keith Kmetz

Program Vice President, Imaging, Printing & Document Solutions

Kevin Permenter

Senior Research Analyst, Enterprise Applications

Kimberly Knickle

Research Vice President

Kuba Stolarski

Research Director, Computing Platforms

Kyle Lagunas

Research Manager

Larry Carvalho

Research Manager, Cloud Platform and Developer Services

Leslie Hand

Vice President, IDC Retail Insights

Lewis Ward

Research Director, Gaming and VR/AR

Lisa Rowan

Research Vice President, HR, Talent, and Learning Strategies

Lynne Dunbrack

Research Vice President

Marc DeCastro

Research Director, Consumer Banking

Mark Zannoni

Research Director

Mary Wardley

Program Vice President, Loyalty and Customer Care

Matthew Eastwood

Senior Vice President, Enterprise, Datacenter, Cloud Infrastructure and Developers

Matthew Marden

Research Manager, Business Value Strategy Practice

Maureen Fleming

Program Vice President , Business Process Management and Middleware

Melinda-Carol Ballou

Research Director, Agile ALM, Quality & Portfolio Strategies

Michael Versace

Research Director, Digital Strategy Consulting

Michelle Bailey

GVP/GM and Research Fellow Datacenter and Cloud

Mickey North Rizza

Program Vice President, Enterprise Applications and Digital Commerce

Mutaz Shegewi

Research Director, Provider IT Transformation Strategies

Nancy Selig

Research Vice President, IDC’s Interactive Platform Services, Worldwide Custom Solutions

Peter Marston

Research Director, Application Development, Testing, and Management Services

Peter Rutten

Research Manager, Server Solutions

Phil Goodwin

Research Director, Storage Systems and Software

Ramon T. Llamas

Research Manager, Wearable and Mobile Phones

Randy Perry

Vice President, Business Value Strategy Practice

Rasmus Andsbjerg

Program Director, WW Software and Public Cloud Services Trackers

Raymond Boggs

Vice President, Small and Medium Business Research

Rebecca Segal

Group Vice President, Worldwide Services

Ricardo Villate

Group VP Latin America

Rich Costello

Senior Research Analyst, Enterprise Communications Infrastructure, Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C)

Richard L. Villars

Vice President, Datacenter & Cloud

Ritu Jyoti

Research Director, Storage

Rob Brothers

Program Vice President, Software and Hardware Support and Deployment Services

Robert Palmer

Research Director, Imaging, Printing, and Document Solutions

Robert Westervelt

Research Manager, Security Products

Ruthbea Yesner

Research Director, Smart Cities Strategies

Scott Lundstrom

Group Vice President and General Manager of IDC Government and Health Insights

Shawn Fitzgerald

Research Director, Digital Transformation Strategies

Shawn P. McCarthy

Research Director

Stacy Crook

Research Director, Internet of Things

Stephen Elliot

Program Vice President, Management Software and DevOps

Stewart Bond

Research Director

Susan G. Middleton

Research Director, Technology Financing Strategies

Terry Frazier

Research Director, Content Technologies and Document Workflow

Tim Grieser

Program Vice President, Enterprise System Management Software

Victoria Brown

Research Manager, Global Supply Chain Execution

Wayne Kurtzman

Research Director

William Stofega

Program Director, Mobile Device Technology and Trends

Joseph C. Pucciarelli

Group Vice President & IT Executive Advisor

Carl W. Olofson

Research Vice President, Data Management Software

Michael Townsend

Research Manager, Life Science Business System Strategies

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Facebook is changing its newsfeed algorithm, according to a post by Mark Zuckerberg, "to help people stay connected and bring us closer together with the people that matter to us." Despite the numerous "sky is falling" articles, Facebook is...
Mid-range Phones Shine at CES 2018

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Rapid urbanization and the exponential population growth of APEJ cities are leading to severely constrained urban ecosystems. Coupled with increased socioeconomic pressures (e.g., aging populations, inadequate housing options) and aging inf...
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U.S. Consumer Fixed Broadband Services Forecast, 2018–2022

Jan 2018 - Market Forecast - Doc # US43456617

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This IDC study identifies and quantifies the consumer fixed broadband services market opportunity in the United States, including an assessment of the drivers and inhibitors influencing the deployment, marketing, and pricing of fixed broadb...
Last week, SAP Ariba held a human trafficking roundtable event at its SAP Hudson Yards New York City offices. The roundtable focused on the United Nations Global Compact that adopted 17 sustainable development goals for its 2030 agenda two ...
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