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Directions 2018 Santa Clara/CA: Analysts speaking Team

Mark Thomason

Research Director

Robert Westervelt

Research Director, Security Products

Al Gillen

Group Vice President, Software Development and Open Source

Alan Webber

Research Director, Digital Strategy & Customer Experience

Ashish Nadkarni

Program Vice President, Computing Platforms, Worldwide Infrastructure

Robert Parker

Group Vice President

Brad Casemore

Research Vice President, Datacenter Networks

Dan Vesset

Group Vice President, Analytics and Information Management

David Schubmehl

Research Director, Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence Systems

David Tapper

Program Vice President, Outsourcing and Managed Cloud Services

Deepak Mohan

Research Director, Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Eric Sheppard

Research Vice President, Server and Storage Infrastructure

Frank Gens

Senior Vice President & Chief Analyst

Greg Ireland

Research Director, Consumer Digital Transformation and Multiscreen Video

Jennifer Cooke

Research Director, Datacenter Trends and Strategies

Jordan Jewell

Senior Research Analyst, Digital Commerce and Enterprise Applications

Kathleen Schaub

Program Vice President, CMO Advisory & Customer Experience

Linn Huang

Research Director

Mary Wardley

Program Vice President, Loyalty and Customer Care

Matthew Eastwood

Senior Vice President, Enterprise, Datacenter, Cloud Infrastructure and Developers

Maureen Fleming

Program Vice President, Integration and Process Automation

Meredith Whalen

Senior Vice President, IT Executive, Software, Services and Industry Research

Michelle Bailey

GVP/GM and Research Fellow Datacenter and Cloud

Mickey North Rizza

Program Vice President, Enterprise Applications and Digital Commerce

Peter Rutten

Research Manager, Server Solutions

Randy Perry

Vice President, Business Value Strategy Practice

Raymond Boggs

Program Vice President, Small and Medium Business Research

Richard L. Villars

Research Vice President, Datacenter & Cloud

Ritu Jyoti

Research Director, Storage

Shawn Fitzgerald

Research Director, Digital Transformation Strategies

Stacy Crook

Research Director, Internet of Things

Stephen Elliot

Program Vice President, Management Software and DevOps

Susan G. Middleton

Research Director, Technology Financing Strategies

Tom Mainelli

Program Vice President, Devices & AR/VR

New Research

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Digital Transformation Use of AI Services: IT Role and Impact

May 2018 - Event Proceeding - Doc # WC20180517

by: Ritu Jyoti

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