IT Executive Programs Analyst Team Team

Alizabeth Calder

Research Adjunct Advisor

Dr. Ron Babin

Adjunct Research Advisor

Robert Multhaup

Adjunct Research Advisor

Thom Rubel

Adjunct Research Advisor

Al Gillen

Group Vice President, Software Development and Open Source

Alison Close

Research Manager, Intelligent Finance and Customer Care Business Process Services

Arnal Dayaratna

Research Vice President, Software Development

Ashish Nadkarni

Group Vice President and General Manager, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies and BuyerView Research

Carl W. Olofson

Research Vice President, Data Management Software

Dan Vesset

Group Vice President, Analytics and Information Management

David Schubmehl

Research Vice President, Conversational Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Knowledge Discovery

Denise Lund

Research Vice President WW Telecom and Unified Communications

Gard Little

Vice President, Global Services Markets and Trends

Gerry Murray

Research Director, Marketing and Sales Technology

Holly Muscolino

Group Vice President, Content Strategies and the Future of Work

Jennifer Cooke

Research Director, Edge Strategies

Kuba Stolarski

Vice President, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group

Mary Wardley

Program Vice President, Customer Care and CRM

Maureen Fleming

Program VP, Worldwide Intelligent Process Automation Market Research and Advisory Service

Melinda-Carol Ballou

Research Director, Agile ALM, Quality & Portfolio Strategies

Mickey North Rizza

Group Vice-President, Enterprise Software

Peter Marston

Research Director, Worldwide Intelligent Application Services

Phil Goodwin

Research Vice President, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group

Phil Hochmuth

Program Vice President, Endpoint Management & Enterprise Mobility

Rick Villars

Group Vice President Worldwide Research

Ramon T. Llamas

Research Director, Mobile Devices and AR/VR

Ritu Jyoti

Group Vice President, Worldwide Artificial Intelligence and Automation Research Practice Global AI Research Lead

Rob Brothers

Program Vice President, Datacenter and Support Services

Rohit Mehra

Group Vice President, Network and Telecommunications

Stewart Bond

Vice President, Data Intelligence and Integration Software

Tom Mainelli

Group Vice President, Device & Consumer Research

Wayne Kurtzman

Research Vice President, Social, Communities and Collaboration

Cora Carmody

Adjunct Research Advisor

New Research

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  • By:  Mickey North Rizza Loading

    This IDC study provides a thorough assessment of market-leading SaaS and cloud-enabled large enterprise ERP applications and discusses the criteria that are most important for companies to consider when selecting a solution. “Organizations ...
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    This IDC Survey Spotlight explores where organizations are prioritizing to fully utilize the potential of public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in 2024. The landscape of public cloud infrastructure as a service is set for dynamic ...
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    This IDC study provides an update to the data protection as a service (DPaaS) market for 2023–2027. It includes details about backup as a service, disaster recovery as a service, archive as a service, and cyber-recovery as a service, such a...
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    This IDC study updates IDC's worldwide unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) taxonomy to provide market definitions and a framework that IDC uses to track, segment, and forecast the worldwide UC&C market. This taxonomy ref...
  • By:  Phil Hochmuth Loading

    This IDC Market Perspective examines how client endpoint management technologies, specifically PC life-cycle management (PCLM) and unified endpoint management (UEM) tools, factor into larger digital employee experience (DEX) and end-user ex...
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    This IDC Market Perspective investigates the competitive environment that has led to the erosion of services providers' strategic value. Services customers today want more for less, with less risk, faster proof of value, more risk sharing, ...
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    • Vijay Bhagavath Loading
    • Rohit Mehra Loading
    We recap key insights on generative AI and cloud networking that we inferred from the keynotes, industry analyst summit presentations, and our primary research at the Expo floor — at AWS re:Invent, held in Las Vegas last week.
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    This IDC Market Glance offers a high-level view of the emerging generative AI (GenAI) technology and services landscape, with a focus on three categories of technologies: model build and orchestration, application development and deployment...
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    • Grace Trinidad Loading
    This IDC Market Perspective describes the key takeaways from the recently held PwC 2023 Analyst Day. PwC held the event in Boston, September 13 and 14, 2023, and presented a wide range of updates across all areas of its business, as well as...

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