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Jason Bremner

Research Vice President, Worldwide Services

Megha Kumar

Research VP, Software and Cloud Services

Nigel Wallis

Research VP, Americas Industry Insights

Jim Westcott

Research Manager, Application Solutions

New Research

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    This IDC Survey Spotlight provides insights into organizations' top considerations when switching managed cloud services providers in Canada. It also provides insights to help vendors understand the market segment better and promote their o...
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    This IDC Survey analyzes IDC's latest primary research on the Internet of Things (IoT) in Canada. In December 2021, IDC surveyed 402 IT decision makers about their organization's IoT deployment plans by industry-specific solution. Those who...
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    This IDC Survey examines the growing adoption of managed cloud services in Canada and which vendors organizations are using as their cloud service providers. The survey also highlights the primary challenges in managing multiple cloud servi...
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    • Aron Cory, Ph.D.
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    This IDC PlanScape provides technology advice to agricultural producers, executives, and those with an interest in autonomous agtech and an overview of the things to consider when investing in autonomous tractors. Autonomous farm machinery ...
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    This IDC study provides top 10 predictions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in 2022."One way SMBs are looking to grow, contain costs, and enhance productivity is by looking to digital technologies to increase awareness, reach, r...
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    • Aron Cory, Ph.D.
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    This IDC TechBrief provides technology and business executives in broadacre agricultural producers with an executive snapshot of the state of autonomous tractor technology and offerings available today. Agriculture organizations are looking...
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    This IDC PeerScape offers advice for IT and business executives on how they can address some of the common challenges Canadian organizations have to address while engaging in digital transformation. Organizations need to adapt to a rapidly ...
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    This IDC PeerScape offers advice for IT executives, sourcing executives, and other business executives to employ when procuring external professional services related to private and hybrid cloud computing environments and public cloud servi...
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    This IDC study provides 10 predictions for the cloud market."The disruption and uncertainty of the past year have underscored the benefits of resilient and flexible IT and accelerated investments toward an agile digital foundation," said De...
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    This IDC study provides IDC's top 10 predictions for digital transformation for 2021."Even though we are experiencing a global pandemic, direct digital transformation (DX) investment is still growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) ...

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