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Feb 2016 - Insights Presentation - Doc # US40144015

Building Mining Operations of the Future

Author: Emilie Ditton Research Director, IDC Energy Insights
On-line Presentation

This IDC Energy Insights Presentation assesses the progress that has been made in the initiatives by mining companies globally and their expectations for their investments into the future. The presentation looks across the 3rd Platform and automation at the way that investments by mining companies are changing and how this is impacting the kinds of operational capabilities they are seeking to put in place.

Mining companies are taking steps to create mining operations of the future — holistic and integrated operations that incorporate smart mining capabilities and digital mining capabilities automation across the value chain.

Companies are seeking to create digital capabilities that will enable an ability to respond dynamically to the known and unknown variability inherent to mining operations. Companies are seeking to create the ability to predict better what operational, production, and financial outcomes will be given a set of scenarios and create transparency across all the silos of operations. This is a transformation, and it is one that is led by technology capabilities across the 3rd Platform (cloud, mobility, big data, and social) and across the innovation accelerators — particularly robotics, cognitive computing, next-gen security, and IoT.