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Mar 2016 - IDC PlanScape - Doc # US40149716

IDC PlanScape: Digital Transformation Implementation Services

Author: Gard Little Research Director, Global Services Markets and Trends

This IDC study helps organizations build the business case and a road map for using third-party implementation assistance related to their digital transformation initiatives. This IDC PlanScape is based on knowledge gathered over the past 18 months from both buyers and suppliers of implementation services. On the buyer side, 50 organizations were polled about their use of implementation services from the vendors they selected to assist with digital transformation. In addition, a worldwide survey of IT and line-of-business (LOB) buyers was conducted in December 2015 to help gauge spending intentions and other behavior related to digital transformation.

According to Gard Little, research director IDC, IT Consulting and Systems Integration Strategies research, "Digital transformation is an imperative for future growth and innovation, but project sponsors don't all see the same imperative when it comes to using third-party implementation services for digital transformations. While you may be convinced your organization can't truly transform without some outside help, building the executive sponsorship to fund that help and aligning the needs of multiple stakeholders remains as hard as ever, or even more so as the stakes with digital transformation are so high." Little claims, "Beyond bringing new skills to your team, perhaps the biggest benefit of using third-party implementation services is the chance to speed up the overall transformation, and this may give you the edge to thrive in your digitally transformed industry."

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