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Dec 2015 - Technology Assessment - Doc # US40545515

Evaluation Guide to Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing: Sync Performance

Authors: Chandana Gopal, Maureen Fleming

This IDC study helps teams evaluate the sync performance of enterprise file synchronization and sharing (EFSS) services. The study is designed to help enterprises:

  • Better understand different approaches to synchronization across EFSS services as well as advanced capabilities under development.
  • Develop the portion of an EFSS request for proposal (RFP) related to sync features.
  • Construct a test plan for evaluating sync capabilities.

"Adopting an EFSS service impacts network utilization and cost, how end users are able to collaborate, endpoint performance, and overall end-user productivity," according to Maureen Fleming, IDC program vice president, Business Process Management and Middleware. "Because there are wide differences in sync performance among EFSS services, there are a handful of useful tests that can be performed to separate out high performers in the sync category. Those tests should be aligned and weighted against overall requirements."

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