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Nov 2015 - Industry Development and Models - Doc # US40548115

2016 IDC FutureScape CIO Agenda Prediction 5: Driving Experimentation, Speed, and Quality

By: Serge FindlingVice President of Research, Digital Transformation, Susan MartinAdjunct Research Advisor


This IDC study, written for CIOs and other senior technology executives, explores the IDC CIO Agenda FutureScape prediction 5: "By the end of 2018, 90% of IT projects will be rooted in the principles of experimentation, speed, and quality" (see IDC FutureScape: Worldwide CIO Agenda 2016 Predictions, IDC #259969, November 2015). This study explores the vital importance of experimentation, speed, and quality for all projects during this era of digital transformation and innovation and dispels assumptions about why these qualities do not apply to some projects. In conclusion, this study presents ideas for improving experimentation, speed, and quality in all IT initiatives and an approach to transforming the IT organization from a culture of change aversion to a culture of innovation.

"IT leaders will transform their own thinking about adapting the values of experimentation, speed, and quality appropriately to each activity, project, or initiative that they undertake," say Serge Findling, vice president of IT Executive Programs (IEP) research, and Susan Martin, adjunct analyst with IDC's Research Network. "IT leaders who have failed to recognize this necessity may find that their organizations cannot keep up as businesspeople adopt their own innovation or external disruptors make the point moot. Those that do and are able to transform their organizations successfully will find themselves well positioned to lead enterprise IT transformation."



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