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Nov 2015 - Insights Presentation - Doc # US40611515

What Consumerization Means for Payer IT Priorities and Spending

Authors: Jeff Rivkin, Sven Lohse
On-line Presentation

This IDC Health Insights Presentation was given at the Healthcare Payers Transformation Assembly event in Coconut Grove, Florida, on October 27–29, 2015. This Presentation was given to healthcare payer executives that wanted to gain knowledge about the impact of payer investments in consumer engagement initiatives on IT priorities and budgets.

Findings from the recently completed Annual Payer Survey revealed that consumer engagement is a powerful driver of IT spending. As in other industries, technology innovation drives new consumer expectations, and enterprises can leverage new technology to change consumer behavior. In this context, data from the 60 health insurance payer respondents of the 2015 survey demonstrates that consumer engagement initiatives are driving both software and IT services spending. As customer-centric initiatives slam into budgetary restrictions, IDC Health Insights asserts that payers must transform their IT infrastructure to implement "patient of one" capabilities and that payers will increasingly turn to third-party suppliers of services that deliver these IT capabilities via the cloud.