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Nov 2015 - Perspective - Doc # US40618815

Perspective: Money 2020 — Moving Beyond Moving Money

Author: James Wester Research Director, Global Payments

This IDC Financial Insights Perspective covers the recent Money 2020 conference held in Las Vegas during November 2–5. In its fourth year, Money 2020 brought together an estimated 10,500 attendees from multiple industries — including banking and financial services, financial technology and software, online commerce, and retail — to discuss the state and future of payments. Thanks in large part to a change in venue from last year's cramped accommodations, this year's conference saw a large group of attendees participate in a lively, healthy discussion of the way we move money.

Money 2020 provided an important sense of where the payment space is heading and how companies within the space are viewing the market. The important discussions included:

  • How the role of the mobile device in payments is established, at least in a general sense, and the specifics of how that role will develop, which is still, even now, undecided
  • How payment "endpoints," which once meant plastic cards and point-of-sale (POS) terminals, are being reimagined to include not only mobile devices like smartphones and tablets but any connected device, appliance, automobile or wearable
  • How the blockchain is no longer just about bitcoin or even cryptocurrencies but is showing signs of becoming an important tool in moving anything of value, including money, property, and even identity

As with past years, the discussions at Money 2020 were robust; however, unlike past years, the discussions in briefings and the conference vendor hall were more enlightening than those had during educational panels and sessions. Unfortunately, session participants tended to follow their companies' messaging, meaning information presented in those venues was less spontaneous and informative.

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