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Jan 2017 - IDC Perspective - Doc # US40845417

CES 2017: Faster, Smarter, Augmented, and Vocal

Author: Jeffrey Hojlo Program Director

This IDC Perspective discusses experiences of the IDC analyst team sent to CES 2017 (the 50th edition of the event), held in Las Vegas, Nevada, to see the latest and greatest in consumer technology and assess how it continues to change our personal lives, business connections, and everyday experiences.

"CES continues to be the meeting point for all consumer products electronic, connected, and intelligent — as well as those industries affected by these technologies, such as automotive. The event long ago morphed from a consumer tech gadget show to an exhibition and celebration of the connected world we live in that affects how we live our personal lives and how manufacturers conduct business," said Jeff Hojlo, program director, Product Innovation Strategies.

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