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Feb 2016 - Business Strategy - Doc # US41021416

Business Strategy: An Architectural Strategy Driver for Payers — "Patient of One"

Author: Jeff Rivkin Research Director

This IDC Health Insights report examines the opportunity of payers to strategically and technically appreciate, respect, and optimize the concept of a consumer as a whole person, both member and patient.

According to Jeff Rivkin, research director of Payer IT Strategies at IDC Health Insights, "Payers have disconnected from customers over time, separating the person from the transactional unit processed by the company. Payers separated the patient from his/her medical service via a claim, the subscriber from his/her care requirements via a generic one-size-fits-most plan from an employer, the patient from his/her diverse provider desires via a specified network, and the customer services desired via a call center script or Web site. Bill payment focus, mass marketing, internal departmental applications, and claims emphasis are now replaced with data sharing, consumer personalization, enterprise focus, and a partner-in-care mission. Successful payers will take holistic consumer approaches around the patient-of-one philosophy that unifies their prospect, network, administrative, and clinical strategies and technologies."

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