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Mar 2016 - IDC PeerScape - Doc # US41039016

IDC PeerScape: Leading in 3D — Practices for Integrating Digital Innovation Groups with Traditional IT Operations

By: Maryfran Johnson


This IDC study provides a set of best practices and actionable advice for CIOs and senior IT managers as they embrace digital transformation (DX) as part of a changing business model. It lays out the advantages of reorganizing IT to operate at multiple speeds and discusses the importance of integrating the work of internal innovation groups with classic IT practices and processes. By adopting these practices recommended by their peers, CIOs and senior managers will:

  • Build greater agility and business responsiveness into existing IT organizations.
  • Understand the value of creating an "internal start-up" atmosphere for digital innovation that also supports collaboration with traditional IT and business groups.
  • See the benefits of cross-functional weekly DX team meetings in resolving problems, making speedier decisions, and sustaining business partnerships.
  • Infuse the IT organization with key digital skills through outside partnerships and talent acquisition.

This study focuses on Leading in 3D, Innovation Strategies, and Leadership Transformation.

"Unlike the major technology shifts of the past two decades, digital transformation is truly a team sport that must recruit players from all parts of the business," says Maryfran Johnson, adjunct research analyst with IDC's Research Network. "CIOs who embrace innovation must take a leadership role in creating a digital ecosystem that accelerates their businesses into the future."



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