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Feb 2016 - IDC PlanScape - Doc # US41039916

IDC PlanScape: Customer Engagement Planning for Payers

By: Jeff RivkinResearch Director, Payer IT Strategies


This IDC study discusses customer engagement planning for payers.

"As health insurance benefits and pricing become commoditized through the Accountable Care Act (ACA), the customer relationship becomes paramount for payers. Annual marketing campaigns are being replaced with continuous presence techniques combined with segmentation approaches historically only found in retail and financial services. This personalization must be tempered with a healthy respect for privacy and security, or the customer experience (CX) could go from a payer/patient health partnership back to the adversarial claims-based days of the past. Customers now have choice and will switch payers if their experience deteriorates; they expect more, like other retail or financial experiences they have," states Jeff Rivkin, research director for Payer IT Strategies at IDC Health Insights. "Customer fear of health insurance companies is a real success factor with adopting the semi-retail approach to interacting with the member/patient in a way that is now possible technically, but culturally difficult. Engaging customers to develop a trust with their payer equivalent to the trust found with their medical providers is a lofty goal, but this is the partner-in-care customer experience desired by payers."



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