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Mar 2016 - Industry Developments and Models - Doc # US41052315

Cloud Strategies: Needed Roles for the Different Phases of the Cloud Transition

By: Erik Berggren


This IDC study provides guidance to CIOs and other strategic leaders who desire to leverage cloud computing opportunities to drive their DX agenda.

Enterprise organizations are actively developing strategies and plans to maximize the opportunity of cloud computing options. IDC doesn't always see this accomplished in an efficient manner with the right outcome. IDC believes that the biggest factor as to why many organizations are challenged with developing and executing their cloud transition strategy is the lack of structure and guidance on how to do it. Without knowing how to approach it, companies are spinning their wheels, trying to make sense of a vast set of options.

IDC suggests that companies develop their cloud transition strategy with the relevant stakeholders for the right issues. Organizations should be very specific about who needs to be involved with what decision and when and how to work with external parties such as vendors, consultants, and advisors.

The IDC IT Executive Program (IEP) will address critical cloud transition strategy issues over the next 24–36 months. This study focuses on Cloud Transition Strategies, Vendor and Sourcing Management, and Digital Transformation.

"Companies need to develop a structured cloud transition strategy today," says Erik Berggren, vice president, Cloud Transition Strategies, IDC's IT Executive Program. "There's a lot of confusion about how to approach the cloud transition strategy. It's a structure and leadership challenge for CIOs, who often lack guidance and structure for how to do it."



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