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Mar 2016 - Update - Doc # US41063716

Worldwide PC Market: 4Q15 Update

Authors: Linn Huang, Tom Mainelli

This IDC update analyzes the performance of the PC market in 4Q15. Worldwide PC shipments fell 11.3% year over year (YoY) in 4Q15 to 71.3 million units, marking it the end of an extremely poor year for the PC market. The shipment total represented the worst fourth quarter result since 2006. In total, 275.8 million PCs were shipped in 2015, the lowest total since 2008. The worldwide PC market contracted by 10.6% in unit volume, the worst yearly market contraction ever recorded. For much of 2015, the PC market suffered from poor macroeconomics. Global economic concerns, currency weakness in most regions, and political instability in some areas muted PC demand and exacerbated inventory issues in most channels in most regions.

Although there were some market drivers in 4Q15 — Windows 10 has generally received favorable reviews, and Skylake is one of Intel's most ambitious refreshes — they were not nearly sufficient in overcoming lingering market softness. Consequently, the PC market headed out of 2015 in much the same way that it headed into 2015: with economic uncertainty looming, demand slumbering, and inventory issues still pressing. This update analyzes the performance of the PC market in 4Q15. Worldwide and U.S. PC Market Shares, 2015 (forthcoming), a subsequent market share document, will cover 2015 in totality with more detail. Highlights of this document include:

  • The PC market contracted from the previous year in every region except Canada, which remained flat at 0.3% YoY. Emerging markets continued to suffer the most, led by the Middle East and Africa (-28.7%), Central and Eastern Europe (-24.3%), and Latin America (-24.0%).
  • Consumer PC shipments declined by 14.3% YoY to 36.1 million units, the third consecutive quarter of double-digit declines. Consumer PC shipments have not produced a single quarter of YoY growth since 2Q12, highlighting the continued erosion of the consumer PC segment in the face of mobile devices and shrinking TAMs.
  • The decay of the desktop market continued as shipments fell 15.2% to 28.5 million units. Notebook shipments fell 8.6% to 42.8 million units as the burgeoning detachables category gained steam.
  • Lenovo retained its seat at the top with 15.4 million units shipped (market share of 21.6%). HP Inc. (20.1%) and Dell (14.3%) remained in second and third, respectively. ASUS (8.2%) leveraged promotional aggression to overtake Apple (7.4%) and Acer (6.8%) for a fourth place ranking, knocking the latter out of the global top 5 for the first time since 3Q03.
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