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Mar 2016 - IDC MaturityScape Benchmark - Doc # US41069316

IDC MaturityScape Benchmark: Internet of Things in the United States, 2016

By: Carrie MacGillivrayGroup Vice President, Internet of Things & Mobility, Suya XiongResearch Manager, Vernon Turner


This IDC study presents the results of IDC's 2015 Internet of Things MaturityScape Benchmark Survey and should be viewed as a supplement to IDC MaturityScape: Internet of Things (IDC #259374, October 2015). Together, they provide a comprehensive overview of the IDC's Internet of Things maturity model:

  • The study presents the current state of the market based on quantitative research. The results in this study will enable organizations to work with IDC to assess their IoT maturity level against industry benchmarks and make data-driven decisions based on their organizational goals.
  • In IDC MaturityScape: Internet of Things (IDC #259374, October 2015), we identified the stages, dimensions, outcomes, and actions that organizations should consider to effectively develop IoT competency and create a sound IoT strategy and production-ready IT environment.

This document enables organizations to answer the following questions:

  • How will IoT affect the way we do business?
  • Where are we on a maturity scale for IoT competencies in terms of the business needs? Where are our peers?
  • How should we establish standards for pursuing IoT initiatives?
  • What's the path to encourage and improve intra- and intergroup collaboration in promoting and encouraging the use of IoT solutions?

"As we move through 2016, the IoT has gained mainstream awareness, yet organizations are still struggling with how to deal with the complexities of the vendor ecosystem in terms of developing and deploying connected products and services," says Vernon Turner, SVP and research fellow, Enterprise Systems and IoT. Carrie MacGillivray, vice president, IoT and Mobile, adds, "IDC believes that technology leaders who recognize the importance of providing scalable, secure, and robust IoT solutions will gain a real advantage over their competitors in the race to the future of the digitally enabled enterprise."



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