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Dec 2016 - IDC PeerScape - Doc # US41122717

IDC PeerScape: Practices for Inventory Flow in Retail Warehousing and Storage

By: Victoria BrownResearch Manager, Global Supply Chain Execution


This IDC study is designed to help readers understand strategies that retailers have used to optimize their inventory flow as they adjust to new distribution models to adapt to the omni-channel world and its needs. Omni-channel has created a distribution model shift that every retail has needed to address differently. This IDC PeerScape aims to raise awareness of options to optimize distribution end states and minimize their effect on retailers' margins and bottom line.

"The definition of 'warehouse' continues to adapt and change as omni-channel dictates a new norm for fulfillment within the supply chain or supply network. For decades, retailers have mostly defined their warehouses as the massive facilities that stored goods and distributed to stores. Today, a 'warehouse' could be the back room of a store, a dark store, or the traditional warehouse from decades past," says Victoria Brown, senior research analyst, IDC Retail Insights.


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