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May 2016 - IDC PeerScape - Doc # US41300116

IDC PeerScape: Open Source Practices for Enabling Digital Transformation

By: Sanjay Gupta


This IDC study provides a model and key practices for using an open source–based approach to create a digital transformation platform in a cost-effective, rapid, and scalable manner. This document is focused on CIOs and IT and line-of-business (LOB) decision makers across industries and geographies whose need to transform their business and enterprise is a high priority and critical objective. This IDC PeerScape provides examples of enterprises across industries that have been using this model and have been seeing the benefits of this approach.

This IDC PeerScape document focuses on innovation strategies, digital transformation, and operating model transformation.

"The ability to harness the collective power of individuals, partners, and global development communities provides a transformative lever that is difficult to match. Open source–based platforms provide this ability in today's digital world," says Sanjay Gupta, adjunct research advisor with IDC's Research Network. "It should be noted that the use of open source software and solutions is required in this model for transformation. CIOs and other leaders readily embracing open source software and solutions will find that they are better positioned to transform their businesses."



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