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Jul 2017 - IDC Survey - Doc # US41381417

2017 U.S. SMB Digital Transformation Paradox

Author: Raymond Boggs Vice President, Small and Medium Business Research
On-line Presentation

This IDC Survey examines U.S. small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and the contradictions between interest and engagement in digital transformation (DX) and the extent to which DX is viewed as an IT spending priority. The share of firms citing DX as an IT spending priority is compared with the share of firms citing IT infrastructure, security, cloud deployment, and business intelligence, with the smallest and largest firms compared with midsize ones. Detail by company size is also provided for DX as a spending priority as well as agreement with the statement that firms are currently upgrading/coordinating technology in keeping with digital transformation.

The same information is provided for SMBs in 15 industries: agriculture/mining, construction, manufacturing, transportation/communication/warehousing/utilities, banking/finance/securities, insurance/real estate, legal, architecture/engineering, healthcare and social assistance, education, wholesale trade, retail trade, other professional/scientific/technical/accounting services, other business services, and other consumer services/arts entertainment/accommodations/food services.

This Survey concludes with an examination of attitudes and engagement regarding DX in five SMB attitude clusters: SMB 2.0, SMB 1.5 Fast Followers, Pragmatic Hands On, Middle of Road Worriers, and IT Indifferent firms.

In addition to profiling total SBs (firms with <100 employees) and MBs (firms with 100–999 employees), additional detail is provided for firms with <5 employees and 50–99 employees. The results are drawn from IDC's U.S. SMB Survey conducted in 1Q17 with 730 respondents.