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Jul 2016 - Business Strategy - Doc # US41559116

Business Strategy: The ROI for Government of Going Digital Made Simple

By: Alan WebberResearch Director, Digital Strategy & Customer Experience, Adelaide O'BrienResearch Director, Government Digital Transformation Strategies


This IDC Government Insights report discusses understanding the underlying return on investment (ROI) for government agencies to transition from outdated paper-based processes to new digital processes. According to IDC Government Insights, the benefits of transitioning to digital processes including digital input of data, digital management of data, and more far outweigh the costs of the technologies and the pain in making the changes.

"The return on investment for going digital for government far outweighs any costs that government agencies and programs may incur," said Alan Webber, research director, Government Insights. "So many government processes still rely on paper, where citizens and businesses are far along the path of transitioning to digital. If government wants to remain relevant while reducing costs and improving program delivery effectiveness, government programs and agencies need to be more proactive on going digital and that starts with understanding the ROI."



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