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Aug 2016 - Industry Developments and Models - Doc # US41656416

Leading in 3D: Integration and Talent Management

By: Eric BloomAdjunct Research Advisor, Amy YoungAdjunct Research Advisor


This IDC study, written for senior IT leaders and HR professionals, identifies the talent requirements that are necessary to succeed in the "integration" dimension of IDC's Leading in 3D (L3D) digital transformation management model. Integration provides the crucial link between isolated innovations and true digital transformation for large companies. This study identifies the key activities of the integration dimension, along with the complexities associated with the process of successfully translating innovations to large-scale practices that are standardized and coordinated throughout the organization. This study enables IT leaders to understand the skill sets associated with addressing the business and technical complexities of integration and the IT specialties needed to succeed in integrating new technologies into the fabric of the organization.

"Mastering the integration dimension of the Leading in 3D digital transformation leadership model is essential for the survival of large corporations and will likely determine whether these companies will be nimble enough to compete with smaller innovative companies," says Amy Young, adjunct analyst with IDC's IT Executive Program (IEP). "Large companies that do not learn how to standardize and scale innovations will be unable to draw upon their traditional competitive strengths — additional resources, distribution channels, and negotiation power."

This document covers Leading in 3D, IT Talent Management, and IT Organizational Development.