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Jan 2017 - IDC Survey Spotlight - Doc # US42211517

Which Are the Most Trusted Vendors for U.S. Smart City Transformation?

Author: Ruthbea Yesner
Vice President, Government Insights and Smart Cities


This IDC Survey Spotlight shows the results from IDC's Smart City MaturityScape Benchmark Survey in which 151 U.S. local government organizations were asked a series of questions to plot them on the IDC MaturityScape for Smart Cities. The results from the question "Do you expect the following technology suppliers will enable the digital transformation that will help create Smart Cities? (1 = very low trust in their ability, and 5 = very high trust in their ability) are presented here. Additional questions included one on satisfaction with vendor offerings, which is also mentioned for comparison purposes. More detailed results will be found in an upcoming IDC MaturityScape Benchmark for Smart Cities.

Survey respondent characteristics are as follows:

  • 55% of the respondents were from cities, 28% from counties, 13% from consolidated city/county districts, and 4% from towns, villages, and special districts.
  • All respondents were familiar with the concept of Smart Cities, and it was on their strategic road maps.
  • Cities with a population of under 50,000 were excluded. Respondent population size included 50,000–250,000 (50%), >250,000 to 1 million (40%), and >1 million (10%).
  • There was a broad range of respondents from various key municipal departments (for example, 16% were from public safety, 16% from transportation, 14% from sustainability programs, 12% from executive offices, 12% from public works, and 7% from IT).