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Mar 2017 - IDC Perspective - Doc # US42227717

The Waves of Intelligent Applications Are Making Your Legacy ERP and Functional Applications Extinct

Authors: Mickey North Rizza, Henry D. Morris

This IDC Perspective looks at the issues with legacy systems and applications, the opportunities to smarten up the business with intelligent applications, and the impact on the business resources of technology, business processes, and employees. Legacy systems and applications are archaic and only providing minimal value. The problem is the technology is advancing so rapidly our businesses cannot keep up with the rate of change. And most of our legacy applications have been reconfigured and lack the features of more modern systems such as the 3rd Platform of cloud, big data/analytics, mobility, and social business. Add in the innovation accelerators such as IoT, cognitive systems, augmented/virtual reality, robotics, and next-generation security and the legacy applications are struggling even more.

Mickey North Rizza, program VP, Enterprise Applications and Digital Commerce, stated, "This perfect storm of new intelligent technology and old infrastructure is quickly making legacy applications archaic and on their way to extinction."

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