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Jan 2017 - Special Study - Doc # US42238617

Measuring U.S. Privacy Sentiment: An IDC Special Report

Authors: Sean Pike, Maureen Kelledy, Angela Gelnaw


This IDC study aims to create context around measuring U.S. privacy sentiment. IDC commissioned a survey of 2,500 U.S. consumers focusing on their interaction with four major industries (retail, healthcare, financial services, and government) and the treatment of personally identifiable information (PII) therein. Among other things, IDC sought to learn the actual level of privacy concern demonstrated by consumers, what business failings might result in consumer action, and where privacy ranks among other consumer drivers. With that data as a baseline, IDC utilized additional survey data to draw conclusions about how existing consumer privacy sentiment might affect participants in the four key vertical markets and how product manufacturers and service providers can capitalize on anticipated consumer behaviors.

"Consumer privacy concerns continue to rise, but consumers remain timid about investigating security mechanisms employed by selected business partners. Proactively engaging in the security discussion could give certain business types competitive advantage as consumers evaluate and reevaluate potential business partners and service providers," said Sean Pike, program vice president, Security Products and eDiscovery & Information Governance.


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