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Feb 2017 - IDC Survey Spotlight - Doc # US42294517

Accelerated Computing Quickly Gaining Traction in the Enterprise

Authors: Ashish Nadkarni, Peter Rutten

This IDC Survey Spotlight discusses how accelerated computing is quickly gaining traction in the enterprise. Accelerated computing is the ability to accelerate applications and workloads by offloading a portion of the application onto adjacent silicon subsystems such as accelerated processing units (APUs), general-purpose graphic processing units (GP-GPUs), and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). Accelerated computing is mostly used in cognitive, deep learning, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and similar types of applications, which rely on (single stream) pipeline processing and where data locality is important for quick handoffs between various components. Such applications are making their way into the enterprise, increasing the latter relying on such purpose-built silicon components.