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Feb 2017 - IDC Survey - Doc # US42298217

IDC Survey: Payer and Provider Investment Plans for Digital Transformation

Author: Jeff Rivkin
Research Director, Payer IT Strategies
On-line Presentation


This IDC Survey focuses on digital transformation and infrastructure and operating model transformation focusing on people, legacy systems, culture, partnerships, leadership, and incentive systems.

IDC Health Insights conducted surveys to gauge provider and payer investment plans for:

  • Clinician collaboration and communication/mobile
  • Connected health
  • Digital transformation
  • Internet of Things
  • Value-based healthcare

Digital transformation includes leadership, omni-experience, information, operating model, and workforce transformation. IDC found that:

  • Only 10% of providers and payers are actively executing digital transformation initiatives, but by the next year, deployment will be 42% for providers and 58% for payers.
  • The majority of those existing digital transformation initiatives are in pilot or research phase in both payers and providers.
  • In both payers and providers, digital transformation makes up 30% of new initiatives.
  • Providers were ahead of payers in investing digital technologies, but payers are now investing more in digital technologies to transform the omni-experience and the operating model, especially in cloud, Big Data, analytics, and security.
  • IT is ahead of the business in considering digital transformation.
  • One-third of payers are more likely to use consulting firms to plan their digital transformation strategy than providers.