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Mar 2017 - IDC Survey Spotlight - Doc # US42327617

Top Frustrations with 3D Printers

Author: Tim Greene Research Director, Hardcopy Solutions

This IDC Survey Spotlight highlights an important result within a recent survey of 3D printer users in the United States. The survey of 300 companies in manufacturing industries asks users what their top frustrations are with the 3D printing systems they have installed at their companies. The top 2 frustrations with 3D printing systems are centered around speed and operating costs, which are similar to what we have found with other types of printers. Print speeds are increasing, and the operating costs for many different 3D printing technologies are coming down because of a reduction in the need for support materials, reuse of some materials, and the falling prices of filaments and other 3D printing materials. The third most commonly cited frustration is not with the 3D printer but with the necessary preprocessing, which indicates a need for simpler 3D modeling software. The current generation of 3D printers addresses many of the other top frustrations, such as the need for better part quality, better printer reliability, and larger build sizes.

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