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May 2017 - IDC Survey - Doc # US42556817

Edge Computing: Findings from IDC's U.S. Enterprise Datacenter Survey

Author: Kelly Quinn Research Manager, Datacenter Trends & Strategies
On-line Presentation

This IDC Survey analyzes key data from IDC's U.S. Enterprise Datacenter Survey, including what enterprise datacenter operators have already undertaken regarding "edge" computing, and what their future strategies include. Areas of inquiry include the following:

  • What do enterprises currently have deployed?
  • What do enterprises have planned for deployment?
  • What are the key factors impacting the decision to deploy edge solutions?

The survey is based on results from the 2016 U.S. Enterprise Datacenter Survey, which is run on annual basis. Data from this survey is used to provide insight into solution adoption and major trends in enterprise datacenter operations and management. The survey includes data relating directly to several subjects, including:

  • Colocation
  • Edge computing
  • Power and cooling
  • Enterprise datacenter build trends

This survey focuses exclusively on edge computing plans and deployment with enterprise datacenter operators. Additional reports derived from the survey results will be published, too, with each report focusing on one of these key areas of importance to enterprise datacenter operators.