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Aug 2017 - Web Conference - Doc # US42833717

The Future of Payments: Faster, Cheaper, and Better


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Author: James Wester Research Director, Global Payments

This IDC Web Conference discusses about the future of payments. It's no secret the payment space is changing rapidly, with banks and their partners contending with new competition, new technologies, new regulations, and new expectations from their customers. The challenge facing the payment market is daunting, but all this change also represents immense opportunity for product and business owners as they look to remain competitive, attract new business, and lower their costs. The net result is a payments market that is faster, cheaper, and better.

Key takeaways:

  • The issues facing the payments businesses with financial institutions and their technology partners
  • The transformation of payment technology within financial institutions
  • The introduction of new payment networks offering banks opportunities to improve margins and remain competitive
  • The changing payment model and how it will absorb and utilize these new networks
  • The future of payments as a business within financial institutions

Questions answered:

  • What challenges and changes should product owners and business leaders be aware of (especially those that competitors may be missing)?
  • What does all this change mean for the business of payments, not just the technology?
  • What do we need to know about faster payments, blockchain, and all the other payment technologies that are affecting payments?
  • How long will this change take to reach fruition, and when should product owners begin making strategic investments?
  • What will payments look like in five years? In 10 years?
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