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Jul 2017 - IDC PeerScape - Doc # US42837217

IDC PeerScape: Practices for Quality Management

Authors: Jeffrey Hojlo, Maggie Slowik, Lorenzo Veronesi


This IDC study into current implementations and approaches to quality management was developed by leveraging a combination of customer interviews and discussions, as well as case studies and feedback from quality management vendors on customer implementations. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list of best practices but rather an analysis of five leading practices we have observed through recent vendor and end-user discussion. Our research shows that creating a reliable feedback loop, leveraging the shop floor for quality insights, enabling collaborative resolution, ensuring quality along the supply chain, and establishing enterprise quality management are all focus areas and best practices for quality.

“What is clear is that manufacturers realize that quality information can no longer exist siloed in their organizations: this means that the quality team, and information flow from products, manufacturing, supply chain, and service must be embedded into the relevant part of their business for rapid decision support. These decisions can be reactive when a quality issue arises, or predictive using analytics to determine when there will be a need for maintenance, engineering change, or process optimization,” said Jeff Hojlo, program director, Product Innovation Strategies.


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