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Aug 2017 - Pivot Table - Doc # US42969815

Worldwide Product Life-Cycle Management IT Spending Guide, 2015–2020

Authors: Jessica Goepfert, Jeffrey Hojlo, Carla La Croce, Roberto Membrila, Martin Kuban, Ashutosh Bisht


This IDC Manufacturing Insights Pivot Table presents our best estimates and forecasts for the worldwide product life-cycle management (PLM) IT opportunity. The document provides IT spending forecasts for the following subindustries: automotive, high-tech electronic components, high-tech equipment, other high tech, aerospace and defense, chemicals, metals, pulp and paper, consumer products, other discrete manufacturing, and other process manufacturing. It also provides industry and technology definitions and methodology. Regional segmentations include Asia/Pacific, the United States, Western Europe, and the rest of the world.

Breakouts for the following PLM applications are provided:

  • Computer-aided design, manufacturing, or engineering (CAx) (computer-aided design [CAD]/computer-aided manufacturing [CAM]/computer-aided engineering [CAE])
  • Collaborative product data management (cPDM)
  • Manufacturing
  • New product development (NPD)
  • "Other" engineering

The overall data for each PLM application area includes the spending (does not provide splits) from software (license and maintenance) and information technology (IT) services (IT consulting, systems integration [SI], IT outsourcing, and other IT services).


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