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Sep 2017 - Market Perspective - Doc # US43025717

Portable PC Residual Value Forecast, September 2017

By: Kelly Quinn


This IDC Market Perspective provides residual value forecasts and current fair market value data for portable personal computers from tier 1 vendors. This document explains the current market conditions that are affecting the value of used hardware on the secondary market and what future technological changes will further impact these values. We explore the factors impacting the portable PC market, from Windows 10 adoption to Chromebooks. This information can help those that invest in portable desktop hardware assess their risk. This document also provides guidance on the amount of residual value that is expected to be realized at the end of lease term for portable PC hardware from tier 1 vendors.

"IT organizations lease and finance portable PCs as a way to leverage the benefit of being able to accurately manage and forecast the expenses associated with these devices as well as to protect their organizations against hardware obsolescence.As a result, it's important for leasing and financing providers to be aware of important dynamics of the portable PC market as a whole, particularly as the market is on the edge of a new leasing and financing paradigm, namely, that of PC as a service." — Kelly Quinn, research manager, IDC's Technology Valuation Strategies



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