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Sep 2017 - Market Perspective - Doc # US43033317

IDC's Worldwide Developer Estimate, 2016: Emerging Geo-Developers Play a Key Role

By: Arnal DayaratnaResearch Director, Software Development


This IDC Market Perspective is a top-down analysis of the number of full-time, part-time, and nonprofessional software developers in the world at the start of 2017. The number of software developers is important for a variety of resource allocation and investment decisions and because they are the gating factors to addressable market calculations for many software and IT services providers.

"IDC estimates there were 21.03 million software developers in the world at the outset of 2017," said Arnal Dayaratna, research director, Software Development at IDC. "IDC estimates that 11.13 million are full-time developers, 5.77 million are part-time developers, and 4.13 million are nonprofessional developers. The Asia/Pacific region accounts for 9.47 million of the world's developers, while the EMEA and Americas regions represent 6.76 million and 4.80 million, respectively. Notably, China and India are responsible for 31.5% of the world's total developer population."



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