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Sep 2017 - IDC Survey Spotlight - Doc # US43045517

U.S. Consumer Interest in Chromebooks

By: Linn HuangResearch Research Vice President, Devices & Displays

On-line Presentation


This IDC Survey Spotlight analyzes how Google's announcement of the availability of Google Play Store for Chrome OS impacts consumer interest in the category. To date, Chromebooks have remained largely a U.S. K–12 story, though it is starting to gain traction in other markets. The long-term trajectory of the category will be somewhat contingent on it moving from the fringe into mainstream consumer adoption. The news that the Android apps would be available on Chromebooks should spur some interest, but technical issues have rendered the aggregate product assortment underwhelming at the moment. Still, millennial consumers have a strong affinity for Google's services and familiarity with cloud computing and should represent a modestly but steadily growing audience for Chromebooks.


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