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Oct 2018 - IDC FutureScape - Doc # US43111618

IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Hospitality and Travel 2019 Predictions

By: Leslie HandVice President, IDC Retail Insights, Mark ZannoniResearch Director


This IDC study explores how different drivers are collectively impacting technology in the hospitality industry and offers guidance on actions to consider. Hospitality organizations are hard-pressed in the new digital era to respond to a wide range of political, economic, social, cultural, technological, legal, and experiential forces. These forces, alongside the ever-expanding data assets, increasing market pressures, sweeping regulations, and changes in the global populace and in consumer expectations for experiential hospitality, call for the industry to act in innovative ways that meet rising expectations, improve outcomes, and deliver value.

"Hospitality organizations have been late to enter the race of digital transformation. This delay has already significantly impacted the industry. There is a fair degree of awareness today among executives in hospitality organizations worldwide that the transformation imperative cannot be ignored. The 2019 worldwide hospitality industry predictions provide a glimpse into how the hospitality industry will unfold and evolve in the years to the come as transformation becomes the central theme in the new digital era," says Jaideep Thyagarajan, senior market analyst, IDC Retail Insights.



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