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Nov 2017 - IDC PeerScape - Doc # US43208817

IDC PeerScape: Cloud Computing Practices for Selecting the Right IaaS Vendor

By: Erik Berggren


This IDC PeerScape identifies four leading practices to help approach the selection and adoption of IaaS as part of the overall cloud strategy. IaaS is a major component of any enterprise cloud adoption strategy. Selecting what workloads to host in a public or private cloud is a major decision. Furthermore, selecting the right vendor for each workload is another complex decision.

"Much of the public cloud IaaS adoption has been ad hoc, and there is still a relatively low level of maturity across enterprise organizations on how to best adopt public cloud IaaS solutions — especially when it comes to using multiple public cloud platforms alongside their existing on-premises infrastructure," says Erik Berggren, vice president of Research, Cloud Strategies, with IDC's IT Executive Programs (IEP). "The companies that are doing this right are taking a long-term view with a strategically anchored foundation for the transition and clear long-term objectives and goals regarding needs and expectations from the public cloud platforms. Further, they take a structured comprehensive approach to the transition, catering for skill set buildup, process evolution, and reinforcement of new frameworks."



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