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Dec 2017 - Market Forecast - Doc # US43215817

Worldwide Whole Cloud Forecast, 2017–2021

Authors: Frank Gens, Laura DuBois, David Tapper, Gard Little, Rasmus Andsbjerg, Lidice Fernandez, Deepak Mohan, Larry Carvalho, Richard L. Villars, Eric Newmark, Kuba Stolarski, Natalya Yezhkova, Petr Jirovsky


This IDC study identifies the variety of cloud-related (i.e., "whole cloud") opportunities available for the 2016–2021 period, including and beyond the public cloud services market.

"The 'whole cloud' opportunity identified by IDC includes the huge public cloud services market but also identifies and forecasts several other major cloud-related growth opportunities," according to Frank Gens, chief analyst at IDC. "These opportunities include providing hardware and software products that are the building blocks for both enterprise private clouds and commercial cloud services, providing professional and managed services that help enterprises adopt and manage public cloud services and private cloud services, and providing "hybrid" professional and managed services that help enterprises integrate and manage increasingly complex mixed mode IT environments with multiple public and private clouds as well as traditional IT environments."


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