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Dec 2017 - IDC Perspective - Doc # US43275217

Creating a Robust Mobile Peripherals Strategy

By: Galen GrumanAdjunct Research Advisor


This IDC Perspective offers a thoughtful, coordinated approach to exploring, selecting, deploying, and managing mobile peripherals and adjunct devices. Overcoming these challenges enables an enterprise to enhance its business operations and customer service. The vast array of mobile peripherals, mobile-mediated devices, and standalone specialty devices is made up of devices that serve specialty needs typically the province of specific business units, come from vendors unfamiliar to IT, have compatibility constraints, and may have little to no, or siloed, management and security methods.

"Today's smartphones and tablets can often serve as computers in their own right, extending their capabilities through the use of mobile peripherals and other types of devices," says Galen Gruman, adjunct analyst with IDC's IT Executive Program (IEP). "Extending mobile functionality through peripherals can be especially beneficial to field forces and other employees not bound to a desk. The trick is to work through the murky landscape of peripherals, compatibility, and management."



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