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Dec 2017 - Market Perspective - Doc # US43315617

Facing Intellectual Property Challenges in 3D Printing

By: Max PepperResearch Analyst, Imaging, Printing and Document Solutions, Jeffrey HojloProgram Director, Product Innovation Strategies


This IDC Market Perspective highlights the impact intellectual property (IP) will have on 3D printing as the market grows. Current IP laws have not adapted to how CAD files process models with copyrighted, patented, or trademarked material. Few options exist to prevent infringement, and little is being done to expand solutions. This Market Perspective examines how IP infringement can occur through 3D printing, why protection is needed to promote market growth, and how vendors can get involved to prevent IP infringement.

"The 3D printing market continues to expand and become more commercially focused and industrial. As this happens, IDC expects more users with little knowledge of the intricacies of intellectual property law or access to legal departments will be using these machines. Vendors need to develop ways to prevent users from committing intellectual property infringement before it leads to litigation and a reputation for theft that limits the market." — Max Pepper, research analyst, Imaging, Printing, and Document Solutions


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