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Dec 2017 - Pivot Table - Doc # US43318417

Worldwide DRAM Demand and Supply 3Q17–4Q18 and 2017–2022 Update

By: Soo Kyoum KimAssociate Vice President, Memory Semiconductors, Shane RauResearch Vice President, Computing Semiconductors


This IDC Pivot Table provides the CY 3Q17 DRAM vendor share results and forecasts for both the short-term (3Q17–4Q18) and the long-term (2017–2022) worldwide DRAM market. The Pivot Table includes:

  • Worldwide DRAM revenue share by vendor, 3Q17 and 2Q17
  • Worldwide electronic equipment production by application, 3Q17–4Q18 and 2017–2022
  • DRAM content by application, 3Q17–4Q18 and 2017–2022
  • DRAM demand bit share by application, 3Q17–4Q18 and 2017–2022
  • DRAM supply by vendor, 3Q17–4Q18
  • Mobile DRAM and graphics DRAM supply bit share by vendor, 1Q15–3Q17
  • DRAM wafer output forecast, 3Q17–4Q18
  • DRAM demand and supply summary, 3Q17–4Q18 and 2017–2022
  • DRAM shipment by density, 3Q17–4Q18 and 2017–2022
  • DRAM price forecast, 3Q17–4Q18 and 2017–2022
  • DRAM bit share by interface, 3Q17–4Q18 and 2017–2022


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Enabling Technologies: Cloud and Enterprise Infrastructure , Enabling Technologies: DRAM and NAND Memory , Enabling Technologies: Mobile, PCs, and Tablets

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SK Holdings Co., Ltd. , Winbond Electronics Corporation, Powerchip Technology Corporation, Samsung, Micron Technology, Inc., Nanya Technology Corporation

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Consumer device semiconductor, Mobile phone chipset and connectivity semiconductor