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Dec 2017 - Pivot Table - Doc # US43318417

Worldwide DRAM Demand and Supply 3Q17–4Q18 and 2017–2022 Update

Authors: Soo Kyoum Kim, Shane Rau


This IDC Pivot Table provides the CY 3Q17 DRAM vendor share results and forecasts for both the short-term (3Q17–4Q18) and the long-term (2017–2022) worldwide DRAM market. The Pivot Table includes:

  • Worldwide DRAM revenue share by vendor, 3Q17 and 2Q17
  • Worldwide electronic equipment production by application, 3Q17–4Q18 and 2017–2022
  • DRAM content by application, 3Q17–4Q18 and 2017–2022
  • DRAM demand bit share by application, 3Q17–4Q18 and 2017–2022
  • DRAM supply by vendor, 3Q17–4Q18
  • Mobile DRAM and graphics DRAM supply bit share by vendor, 1Q15–3Q17
  • DRAM wafer output forecast, 3Q17–4Q18
  • DRAM demand and supply summary, 3Q17–4Q18 and 2017–2022
  • DRAM shipment by density, 3Q17–4Q18 and 2017–2022
  • DRAM price forecast, 3Q17–4Q18 and 2017–2022
  • DRAM bit share by interface, 3Q17–4Q18 and 2017–2022


Subscriptions Covered

Enabling Technologies: Cloud and Enterprise Infrastructure , Enabling Technologies: DRAM and NAND Memory , Enabling Technologies: Mobile, PCs, and Tablets

Companies Covered

Samsung, SK Holdings Co., Ltd. , Winbond Electronics Corporation, Powerchip Technology Corporation, Micron Technology, Inc., Nanya Technology Corporation

Regions Covered


Topics Covered

Consumer device semiconductor, Mobile phone chipset and connectivity semiconductor

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