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Feb 2018 - IDC Perspective - Doc # US43571317

Oracle's Autonomous Database: AI-Based Automation for Database Management and Operations

By: Carl W. OlofsonResearch Vice President, Data Management Software, David SchubmehlResearch Director, Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence Systems


This IDC Perspective reviews Oracle's recent Autonomous Database announcement and examines how one customer is planning to make use of the automation capabilities provided in its day-to-day business processes.

"AI and machine learning are increasingly pervasive technologies that are being used now in a wide range of products and services," says Carl Olofson, research vice president, Data Management Software at IDC. "Oracle has recently launched its Autonomous Database product that uses AI and machine learning to automate operations and management of the product. Organizations should consider Oracle's Autonomous Database cloud offering if they are evaluating cloud database offerings and are looking for a fully managed database service from a proven database vendor. The future of autonomous products like Oracle's Autonomous Database is bright, but organizations need to also assess the impact these types of products will have on their IT staff."



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