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Mar 2018 - IDC Perspective - Doc # US43622618

The Case for Leveraging IT Certifications in the Development and Selection of IT Employees

By: Cushing AndersonProgram Vice President, Business Consulting and IT Education


This IDC Perspective discusses the case for leveraging IT certifications for the development and selection of IT employees.

Research by IDC has confirmed that organizations are increasingly committing to hybrid cloud architectures. And, by 2020, the heavy workload demands of next-generation applications and new IT architectures in critical business facilities will force 55% of enterprises to modernize their IT landscape. CIOs face two essential talent imperatives with digital transformation (DX) — ensuring that their IT teams have the right people and that their teams have the right skills. By leveraging IT certifications, CIOs can improve their DX success.

"Well-trained cloud migration teams meet business and project milestones far more often than teams at only average skill level. Leveraging certifications can help IT organizations maximize their chance of DX success." — Cushing Anderson, program vice president, IT Education and Certification research



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