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This IDC Survey Spotlight shows how executives characterized digital strategies and related activities in 2017.

IDC's 2017 Worldwide Buyer Value Survey shows how executives characterize digital strategy across their organization, identifies the issues that motivate the use of external consultants for DX initiatives, quantifies the perception of the value provided by external consultants, and identifies spending trends over a 12- to 24-month period. The 2017 survey touched 1,334 organizations across all IDC macroregions and industry sectors.

This IDC Survey Spotlight shows how respondents characterize their digital enterprise strategies in one of the following five ways:

  • Cautious proof of concepts exist, but there is no stated digital enterprise vision or plan.
  • Activities are at the department level, with limited sharing of practices and knowledge.
  • DX projects and prototypes exist, but with short-term focus. Competing activities and priorities suggest leadership is lacking.
  • Digital leadership and enterprise strategy are in place; initiatives span across product design, customer engagement, and operations; and performance is incentivized and rewarded.
  • Digital leadership in enterprise strategy has remade or launched completely new businesses, product or services systems, business models, and/or new forms of operations. New business partners enable the business.


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