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Jun 2018 - IDC Survey - Doc # US43970218

Ranking Desired Technology-Driven Consumer Outcomes and Life Improvements: 2018 U.S. Consumer DX Survey Results

By: Greg IrelandResearch Director, Consumer Digital Transformation and Multiscreen Video

On-line Presentation


This IDC Survey provides results and analyses of key findings from IDC's 2018 U.S. Consumer Digital Transformation Survey, with a focus on ranking the outcomes or live improvements that consumers hope to see from new technology adoption. Outcomes addressed in the survey include saving money (shopping and across home lighting, heating, and cooling), having more security (home and personal), making communication easier, making entertainment better, monitoring and tracking health, improving fitness, and others. The results are presented for how respondents rate outcomes when asked to select a "top 5" of most important and on a 10-point level of importance scale. The IDC U.S. Consumer Digital Transformation Survey was fielded to 6,014 respondents over 18 years in January 2018.

"Understanding desired outcomes is an important element in the assessment of whether a new technology, device, or service will resonate with consumers and a means by which one can evaluate the size of a potential addressable market for a given product," says Greg Ireland, research director for IDC's Consumer Digital Transformation program. "Saving money while shopping is the leading outcome of new technology desired by consumers, but consumers also assign a strong level of importance to other outcomes associated with communication, entertainment, security, and life efficiency."


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