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Jun 2018 - IDC Survey - Doc # US43970318

Consumer Concerns Due to Technology-Driven Life Transformation: 2018 U.S. Consumer DX Survey Results

By: Greg IrelandResearch Director, Consumer Digital Transformation and Multiscreen Video

On-line Presentation


This IDC Survey provides results and analyses of key findings from IDC's 2018 U.S. Consumer Digital Transformation Survey, with a focus on consumer concerns due to technology-driven life transformation. Consumer concerns addressed in the survey include hacks of personal information and private content such as photos; too much information held by large internet companies and the government, device, home and personal security, and the emergence of AI and smart robots; job loss due to automation and robots; and others. The results are presented for how respondents rate concerns when asked to select a "top 3" of most concerning and on a 10-point level of concern scale. The U.S. Consumer Digital Transformation Survey was fielded to 6,014 respondents over 18 years in January 2018.

"It is not surprising that consumers are most concerned about hacks of personal information, but perhaps more surprising is that consumers are just as concerned about the government holding too much information about everyone as they are about the large internet companies holding too much information," says Greg Ireland, research director for IDC's Consumer Digital Transformation program. "Moreover, the level of concern expressed by younger adult consumers regarding the rise of smart machines and robots and the threat of job loss due to new technologies is notable."


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