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Aug 2018 - IDC Survey - Doc # US44193218

2018 U.S. Consumer Internet of Things Survey: Smart Home Device Security and Privacy

By: Adam WrightSenior Research Analyst, Internet of Things: Consumer

On-line Presentation


This IDC Survey details results from IDC's 2018 Consumer Internet of Things Survey, which was fielded in June 2018. The survey asked respondents questions regarding consumer adoption of and attitudes toward a variety of smart home applications, consumer electronics devices, online entertainment services, security and privacy concerns, and smart assistants. This IDC Survey focuses on aspects of the survey related to the security and privacy of smart home devices.

"Security and privacy concerns are one of the leading inhibitors to the adoption of smart home devices," said Adam Wright, senior research analyst for IDC Internet of Things: Consumer program. "Vendors need to not only have adequate security solutions in place when bringing devices to market but also respond to consumers' concerns by properly educating them about those safeguards and raising awareness about the benefits of sharing data that can ultimately provide better devices, services, and experiences over time."


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