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Oct 2018 - IDC Perspective - Doc # US44330718

Digital Disruptors Leverage Strategic Governance and Vendor Sourcing and Management Practices: Survey Findings

By: Aaron PolikaitisVice President of Research, Vendor Sourcing and Management


This IDC Perspective discusses how digital disruptors leverage strategic governance and vendor sourcing and management practices. Several years ago, IDC predicted that over 70% of siloed digital transformation initiatives will ultimately fail because of insufficient collaboration, integration, sourcing, or project management. According to a recent IDC survey (IDC's 2018 CIO Sentiment Survey), siloed DX initiatives and organization structure is the number 1 challenge keeping enterprise DX efforts from progressing. In enterprises with the lowest level of DX maturity, the silo effect extends to vendor sourcing and management organizations, where only 24% VSM organizations participate in strategy development. Conversely, in enterprises with the highest levels of DX maturity, 59% of VSM organizations participate in such strategy development sessions.

According to Aaron Polikaitis, IDC vice president of research at IDC IT Executive Programs (IEP), "For years, anecdotal evidence has suggested that enterprises that integrate VSM within their DX teams are more successful in their DX initiatives. IDC's 2018 CIO Sentiment Survey confirms this, helping enterprises take bold steps to enhance the likelihood of success of their innovation initiatives."



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