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Oct 2018 - Web Conference: Tech Supplier - Doc # US44385318

Smart Cities: New Insights into Key Use Cases and City Opportunities

By: Ruthbea YesnerVice President, IDC Government Insights and Smart Cities, Serena Da RoldProgram Manager, Customer Insights & Analysis


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This IDC Web Conference presents the findings from the latest release of the Worldwide Smart Cities Spending Guide, which offers forecasts for 25 Smart City use cases, as well as the overall market view, and a brand-new view into City-level spending for 53 cities across 9 regions.

Smart Cities are rapidly evolving into a sizable market opportunity, and IDC's Worldwide Smart Cities Spending Guide offers increasingly granular insight into how cities around the world are transforming.

We discuss Smart Cities investments in the context of global trends in cities across regions, and how these trends are impacting spending on specific use cases, which are currently attracting the largest investments, or that are emerging as fastest-growth areas.


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