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Nov 2018 - Market Perspective - Doc # US44420618

Bridging Digital into the Physical: Therapy for Retail from Consumer Attitudes About Online Versus Physical Shopping

By: John Jackson


This IDC Market Perspective examines consumers' attitudes about retail versus online shopping experiences. The traditional retail sector stands out for the magnitude of digital disruption it continues to witness at the hands of Alibaba, Amazon, Flipkart,, and other ecommerce powerhouses. At the same time, digital experiences continue to blend into consumers' physical lives, informing both their expectations and experiences.

"Retail footprints and real-world shopping experiences are fertile ground for digital innovation," said John Jackson, vice president of Consumer Research, IDC. "IDC's Emerging Technology and Video Survey is designed to help clients understand the next phases of consumer behavior and service adoption and to give them insights into how to counter disruption." He continued, "Here, we undertake a comparative analysis of consumers' attitudes toward online versus physical shopping experiences with a view to uncovering specific points where retailers can bridge digital technology and experiences into their customers' journeys — or not. We understand that it's a critical time and knowing where digital fits and where it doesn't or shouldn't can have equal weight."


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